Pilates Frequently Asked Questions

Pilates is an exercise system developed by Joseph Pilates over 100 years ago initially to rehabilitate injured soldiers in WW1.  The technique was later used to for strength and conditioning of dancers in New York City  

Pilates aims to balance and strengthen the body uniformly, focusing on core stabilisation, postural alignment, and the integration of the mind and body. 

The 6 core principles of Pilates include: Concentration, control, centring, precision, flowing movement and breathing and 2 contemporary principles of alignment and commitment. 

Joe Pilates at 57 & 82 years old

Pilates was developed as part of injury rehabilitation and focuses on strengthening the muscles. Pilates takes a controlled and monitored approach and is full of movements that support a healthy back and joints through strengthening core muscles and stabilising any weaknesses in the body.

Yoga on the other hand, originates from India and is often part of a much larger spiritual philosophy and way of life. Yoga can often push the body to its limits – particularly with flexibility and extension of the joints – it may be too extreme for some body types or people with injuries.

So, although pilates and yoga focus on many of the same goals of strength, flexibility, postural alignment and stability they are distinctively different exercise regimes.

TRX, also known as Total Resistance exercise, is a specialized form of suspension training developed by former U.S. Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick.  TRX uses body weight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. 

It requires the use of the TRX Suspension Trainer, a training tool that leverages gravity and the user’s body weight to complete the exercises.  TRX is a fully customizable fitness tool, and the exercises can be modified to suit anybody.  No matter what muscle of the body you want to work, TRX has an exercise for it. 

At Live Pilates we have a class dedicated to this modality of training – LP TRX Reform. This class is the perfect fusion of the pilates principles and repertoire with TRX specific exercises. Both TRX and Pilates have similar goals of decompressing the joints and facilitating good movement patterns to strengthen the body allowing this type of training to challenge the body in multiple planes of motion while improving balance, flexibility and coordination.

In order to be an instructor at Live Pilates you need to have completed or be in the process of completing a Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction or equivalent.  This qualification requires 12 months of intensive training covering Matwork repertoire, Reformer repertoire and Studio repertoire. Graduates have strong knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, rehabilitation and injury management allowing them to work collaboratively with allied health professionals such as physiotherapists and chiropractors.  Graduates have 350+ hours of teaching experience upon completion of their Diploma.

You sure can!  Pilates was founded on the premise of movement for rehabilitation.  Ensure you let your instructor know of any injuries so they can modify exercises for you as needed. 

As a beginner the best class to attend is LP Reformer Plus.  This class will give you the foundations you need to build a strong Pilates base. 

For your safety and the experience of everyone else in the class if you miss the warmup and are more than 10mins late you will not be permitted to join the class. If you turn up and are too late to join in we will early cancel your visit and help you find a different class to attend. 

Our cancellation policy is 12 hours, cancelling within 12 hours of the class you are signed into will result in that class being forfeited.

Absolutely!!  The pilates method is one of the most effective programs to utilise during pregnancy.  Our bodies go through many changes during pregnancy including hormonal, weight, balance and ligamentous changes.  Pilates during pregnancy is ideal for addressing good posture, abdominal strength and pelvic floor strength.

Safe exercise can help women cope with these changes, assist with birth and postnatally.  As long as your pregnancy is healthy you should continue to exercise, provided you’re feeling up to it.  Remember that growing a baby is Strenuous work and you will need to listen to your body. Should you be concerned about exercising during pregnancy or have been told you have a high risk pregnancy consult your medical professional prior to attendance. 

No. Pilates is a way of keeping your body functioning to the best of its ability.  Pilates is practiced by a wide array of people, from those requiring rehab for an injury to elite athletes looking to get an edge to their performance.  The beauty of Pilates is that it can be adapted to everyone’s needs.

Not at all!. 

Fun fact… Pilates was developed by a man (Joseph Pilates) during WWI to help rehabilitate bedridden soldiers.  Pilates has evolved and adapted over the years suit so many different needs and can complement weight training, running and elite sports performance for both men and women. In fact, a lot of professional athletes now include pilates in their workout regime.  Some men who do pilates include: Lebron James, David Beckam, Hugh Grant just to name a few.

Matwork Pilates is just as it sounds, on the mat.  The practice consists of body weight exercises performed low to the ground involving smooth, fluid movements that are easy on the joints.  

Reformer pilates utilises an apparatus called the “reformer”.  The Pilates reformer is a traditional piece of Pilates equipment which looks like a bed with springs, a sliding carriage, ropes and pulleys. The reformer workout is generally more intense and more dynamic than mat based Pilates due to the added  resistance to the exercises via the use of the springs. The repertoire of exercises available is also greatly increased providing far more variety. The exercises usually work muscles through a large range of motion which is ideal for building and toning muscles as well increasing stability through the joints.

At Live Pilates we have the full complement of equipment including: balanced body allergra 2 reformer, balanced body springboard, balanced body exo chairs, TRX, Bosu ball and small props including therabands, magic circles, and pilates balls. 

Pilates will see your posture improve due to the improvement in your core stability and strength along with the development of long lean muscles due to spring resisted training.  You will also see an improvement in your balance, flexibility, stamina, body awareness and overall mental functioning. Pilates really is the ultimate exercise platform to transform your body and mind. 

At Live Pilates the reformers and all equipment used are cleaned at the end of every class.  Each participant cleans their own station prior to leaving the studio. The studio is vacuumed and mopped daily as well as all surfaced wiped down with antibacterial solution.  In addition to this the studio undergoes a thorough intensive clean weekly. The health and safety of our members is paramount.