Whether it’s your first pregnancy or your third, each one is a completely different experience. Pregnancy can be an exciting, scary, and vulnerable time for an expectant mother. Pilates is widely regarded as one of the best forms of exercise for pregnancy and is specifically designed to accommodate the needs of the expectant mother by providing countless benefits to support such an important experience.

As the baby grows, the mother’s body expands to help support the needs of their child.  This can affect the mother’s muscles, organs, bones, and other systems of the body. Pilates focuses on increasing stability, in addition to strengthening the entire body, which in turn can help relieve joint pain and may even prevent it from occurring.

Thanks to Pilates focusing on better posture, alignment and body awareness, it is known to help relieve back pain, hip pain and sciatica while helping to alleviate symptoms of pubic synthesis. The stronger these muscles, the more protected our joints are.  

Although the growth of the baby is isolated to the mother’s abdomen and pelvis, the effects of pregnancy are felt throughout the entirety of the body. Hormones during pregnancy further the necessity of having good core strength.  Hormonal changes affect the entire body and stretching has to be done in a controlled manner with a decreased range of motion.  With this in mind Pilates strengthens and lengthens the body in a controlled setting concentrating on doing motions within each client’s range each day.



 An expectant mother’s center of gravity changes and her balance is displaced as her unborn baby grows. Concentrating on being mindful of the everyday changes and allowing yourself to move slower and with more awareness are concepts practiced in Pilates.  Each motion is a new motion as the center of balance is shifted forward when the baby continues to grow. Learning how to use certain muscles to help stabilize when getting up, sitting, or even picking things up can prevent pain and injury.

Pilates creates balance and the mind-body connection.

The breath work, and mind-body connection emphasized in Pilates sessions helps to prepare mothers for labor and childbirth. These factors also help increase resolve, to better cope with the emotional ups and downs many women experience during pregnancy.

Pilates during pregnancy enables mothers to strengthen and stay mobile in a safe environment. Both mother and baby can continue to progress through each stage of pregnancy with good health, more energy, and a positive atmosphere.