Attending your first pilates class can be daunting, but knowing what to wear can oftentimes be worse!  Let’s break it down and take a look into what to wear to your Pilates class and what to bring.

Fitness attire can be expensive or cheap, there are so many options to choose from.  It is best to try it on and see what feels the most comfortable for you.  The more expensive brands tend to last longer and fit better, but that is not to say that the cheaper alternatives won’t meet your needs.  It can often be a bit of trial and error.

Let’s break the body into two parts: lower body and upper body.

Lower Body Attire

It is important for your instructor to be able to see how your body is moving in order to adjust your alignment and technique.  With that in mind what to wear?


Tights are the most popular option.  They allow your body to move freely without restriction and the instructor is able to see exactly what you are doing without being obstructed by bagging pants.  A few things to consider:  ensure your tights are not see through and that there are no holes in the crutch!  You spend a lot of time on your back with your legs in the air. 

Alternatives to tights include relaxed fit leggings (not too baggy), or thigh length bike pants once again remember you will be laying on your back with your legs in the air.  Avoid pants that restrict your range of motion, have zips or fancy additions.  The simpler the better.

Pilates Socks

Leave your runners at home!  Pilates Socks are an essential part of your Pilates class attire at Live Pilates. For all our classes you will need to wear your pilates socks.  You may be thinking, do I need specific socks?  Not necessarily.  You are welcome to wear your own socks, however we do recommend wearing grip pilates socks. 

These pilates socks have grippy circles on the base that prevent your feet from slipping when placed on the foot bar or standing on the reformer carriage.  The best quality Pilates socks are those from Move Active

You can purchase your Move Active socks from your Live Pilates Studio.  They come in a variety of styles and colours to cater to everyone’s taste – you can never have too many pairs of Pilates socks!!


Upper Body Attire


Any type of top is fine. Make sure it isn’t too baggy to allow your instructor to see your body’s alignment.  Find something that you feel comfortable wearing. 

 if in doubt Live Pilates have a range of tops you can purchase including tank tops, t-shits and muscle tees, all branded with the Live Pilates logo.


Sports Bras

Find a sports bra that is supportive and comfortable.  This is probably your most important purchase (after your pilates socks!).  A good sports bra will support your breasts during your workout preventing tissue damage, stretching of ligaments and scarring.


Mens Pilate Attire

 The main thing for the guys to consider when deciding what to wear to their Pilates class is the type of pants they have on.  Here are a few tips to point you in the right direction. 

  • Ensure you have underwear on that supports and conceals your ‘junk’.  You want to ensure that nothing falls out.
  • Fitness shorts are an excellent option!  Ensure they are not to baggy as you will be laying on your back with your legs in the air.  You may like to consider wearing compression tights under your shorts if there is the potential that your instructor may see something they really don’t want to see. 
  • Remember that shorts with an in built gusset does not equate to wearing underwear.  

Live Pilates has Pilates attire options for everyone in our studio.  We stock Hyperbeat tights, t-shirts, tanks and muscle tees all branded with our Live Pilates logo.  

For all your Pilates socks needs we also have Move Active socks available for purchase at $15.


What to Bring

Water Bottle

Bring along a water bottle, as you may get thirsty during your class.  Live Pilates have branded Frank Green bottles to purchase in the studio if you need to upgrade your water bottle, and water fountain to fill them up.


Bring a towel to place on the carriage of your reformer or Mat.  This can also be useful to wipe away any sweat from your face as you enjoy your workout.

Sweat towels can prove to be beneficial to have during your class.  Live Pilates have sweat towels available for purchase for $10 in the studio.  These towels are like a shammy, wet it, wring it out then place it around your neck to help cool you down.  Once finished keep the towel wet and place it back in the container it came in.  Your towel is now ready for your next class and is guaranteed to keep you cool.

As a general rule, wear clothing you feel comfortable in and bring a water bottle, pair of socks and towel.  Now that your worries are set aside you are ready to attend your Pilates class. 

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